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Lodhi Garden – The Monumental Gem of Delhi

Updated: May 15


Delhi is not only famous for its extreme climatic conditions but also for the number of historical monuments that have been gracing the beauty of this land for centuries. These monuments speak of the rich history of India and its architectural heritage.

Located in the heart of Delhi, Lodhi garden is spread over 90 acres of land and consists of four tombs of the prominent rulers of the Mughal dynasty. The greenery and impeccable architecture adorn the natural beauty of this place. Built around five centuries ago, the monuments are a true example of the architectural genius of ancient India.

In 1936, Marquess of Willingdon, the then British Governor-General of India developed this garden to add to the beauty of these monuments. It was then named ‘Willingdon Park’ after his wife, Lady Willingdon but later retitled as Lodhi Garden following the independence in 1947.

The four tombs that rest in this place belong to Mohammed Shah, Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad, and Bara Gumbad.

Where some like to take a morning walk in this garden or use it as a family picnic spot, photographers use it as a perfect backdrop to their snaps. Lodhi garden is one of the major tourist attractions in Delhi and restoration of these monuments has been going on over the past decade to preserve this rich heritage of the Mughal dynasty.   


How to get to Lodhi Garden?

If you are using metro services, the nearest metro station to this place is JLN Metro Station. You can also deboard at Khan Market Metro Station and take entrance from Gate 4 of Lodhi garden. If you visit by bus, entrance Gate 1 has a bus stop right in front of it.

The garden opens at around 6 in the morning and closes by 8 PM. This place also sees a massive crowd on Sundays.


Things to do in Lodhi garden

· Take a morning stroll in this park to fresh start your day.

· If you are keen to know the history behind these monuments, you can take a guided tour of this place.

· Lodi – The Garden Restaurant near Entry Gate 1 is the place to be in if you are craving for some tasty cuisine.

· Khan Market is quite hip where you can find everything from perfume to household items.

· There are many food points nearby to eat cheap but tasty food to die for.

· If you are a cultural geek, the Indian Habitat Center is not far away. Feast your mind and soul with beautiful art galleries, cultural events, and exhibitions.

· Safdarjung Tomb, Humayun’s Tomb, and the Tomb of Najaf Khan are also nearby.


Best time to visit

The scorching heat of Delhi can keep you from enjoying this place to the fullest. October to March can be a great time to go to take a walk in this garden as you get to know more about Indian history. Taking a walk through the entire garden will take you around 2 to 3 hours and winter will be an apt time to so that.

If you want to spend some time knowing the history of India along with breathing in the fresh air, Lodhi garden is quite a setting. Explore the monuments and shop your heart out in the Khan Market.

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