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Hey!! I am Deepak samal. I didn't did, anything big in my life till now. But what I did, everyone wanna do it at least once in their life. We usually grown up with a lot of guidance for the career and what to do, what not to do. There are very few people in the world who has done,what they want to do. We all have heard that doctor's became actor, player became musician, musician became painter. Do you know why?? Because we have never heard ourselves. As the time passes we get to know our desire and our interests. Some are lucky, they get to know in their lifespan otherwise some never get to know. What they actually wanted from their life. I am sure,all are raised with the same ''Punch Line'' Get good marks in school, get a perfect college, then you will get a good job, After that get married then have kids and then spend your whole life for them. Where I lived for myself?? Some are really happy with this kind of life. But not all like me my dream is to go and visit all the countries of the world. It's super easy when your dad is millionaire. But do you think that It would bring some happiness and fun?? Because it's dad money not yours. He worked for it not you. It took exactly 3 years to get the courage to quit the job. As we know how important the job is in our society . We need money to travel, courage and planning. But trust me you just plenty of money and courage to take the first steps to your dreams.

About Me


I’m Deepak samal from India and I am solo traveler !! I started travelling straight way after my school days.I became solo traveler after too many cancellation of trips. When I started solo travelling once, then I became habitual of exploring the world, meeting stranger, sharing my experience and stories. Meeting strangers and become good friends . Trying to lose my official view and  capturing moments through my camera. Taking a chance on changing my career from Business development manager to capturing the world and somehow it all worked out…

I am hoping this site will give you some inspiration (and handy tips) to go and chase your own adventures and your dream destination. My perception travelling is just not a moment. It's a story of sweet and sour memories. Sometime changing path of the your life.Travel is the best kind of education of experience so go get lost and fill the life of learning, Just pack your dreams in your heart and leave your comfort zone.

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